I'm Heather Relken, writer of scifi & paranormal romance.

Heather Relken


I've been writing since 7th grade and have always had a love for all things fantasy! My grandpa introduced me to Zelda and Lord of the Rings, and from there my interests just expanded! I developed a love for culture and anthropology, for linguistics and biology, and slowly I've managed to puzzle piece together that perfect blend of interests into something I believe makes my writing unique, vivid, and out of this world! 


That's the goal, at least ;] 

I love my writing most when I'm able to showcase the coming together of two separate cultures and how those cultures would clash and interact. I love showing language barriers, subverting expectations, and toying with social taboo. Sometimes I use these in a strictly fantasy setting, but my truest passion is when I'm able to let loose and really flex my worldbuilding in the science-fiction universe instead! I never seem to get away from the romance genre, though, because I feel like the world could always use a little more love <3 


Thank you for stopping by my website! 

Wherever your journey takes you, happy reading~

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